The laser can be used to mark almost any material, be it metals, plastics, semiconductors, foils, glass and ceramics or organic surfaces such as wood, paper and leather. Depending on the radiation intensity, the material is discolored, engraved or melted. cleanLASER has two special competences:

Cleaning and pre-treatment can be combined in such a way that outstanding quality with long-lasting legibility is achieved.

We also offer a complete package with integrated automation technology tailored to customer requirements.

  • Rich in contrast
  • Long-term legibility
  •  Flexible (fast program change)
  • Efficient and process reliable
  • Gentle on material
  • Media-free (no abrasives or chemicals)




cleanLASER has developed an ultra-compact marking laser in which the entire control including the PC is already part of the system. It has a LCD display with menu guidance. For industrial integration, a network connection is available for programming and remote control of the marking system from anywhere in the world.

With an average laser power of up to 50 watts, even moving components can be marked extremely quickly and at the same time with brilliant beam quality with plain text, barcodes or data matrix codes. The achievable resolution of the marking is over 300 dpi. Convenient software with countless graphics and text modules makes setup easier for the operator. All common industrial fieldbus systems are also available.

For example, the system can label or mark high-quality components such as sensors, electronic components or traceable parts made of metals, plastics, composite materials or similar.

The “cleanMARK” is available in different medium output powers from the small, very low-cost entry-level laser to the powerful marking laser for metallic deep engraving as well as with pulse select options with freely programmable pulse duration.

The laser system is completely air-cooled and therefore maintenance-free and durable. The “cleanMARK” is surprisingly inexpensive compared to conventional marking devices in this performance class due to its integrated design.